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Wicked Company is a network of organisation development and social change professionals who are committed to the growth of Self and Others in organisations.

Organisations today are operating in the interdependent, far-reaching and simultaneously failing ecologies of business, society, politics, climate and the environment.Breakdown calls for breakthrough. System failure calls for system renewal. In the marked absence of either technical or political mechanisms for managing our shared resource-system, a new way of thinking is required which is not of a level of consciousness that gave rise to the multiple crises we are witnessing. Organisations, as essential elements of our interconnected and interrelated world, must play their part in transforming our global systems, and we believe that they may be better fitted for this important work.

Wicked Company’s second Gathering will take place in the Circular Bute Rooms at the National Museum for Scotland in Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town, UK, on the 6th-8th September, 2022.

We will assemble in the spirit of the courageous (‘wicked’) freethinkers of the Enlightenment period who attended the salons of European capitals for friendship and conversation, to challenge established worldviews in changing times. Working with modern dialogic methods, we will build our capacity to live at the edge of chaos – the place where we know the greatest opportunity for creative change exists. Learn more

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Wicked Company's Second Gathering

6th – 8th September 2022

We will convene a second Gathering in the Bute Rooms at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, UK.


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